Myth: History in the Making, ZX Spectrum

Designed by Mark Cale; programmed by Neil Dodwell, and with graphics by Concept Animations, System 3‘s Myth: History in the Making is an action/platform game based around a series of ancient myths and a teenage boy’s adventure within them. It was first released for 8-bit home computers in 1989.

The game has four levels (Greek Legends, Norse Legends, Egyptian Legends, and The Final Confrontation) and each level has several phases to play through, often requiring some simple puzzle-solving to figure out how to progress.

The main character can punch and kick high and low, can crouch and jump, and can use a variety of weapons that are dropped by defeated enemies. Using the right weapon in the right place is often the key to progressing the game.

You start Myth with two lives but can have up to six in total and the main character has limited health, shown via a bar at the top of the screen. Enemies will cause damage to your health but it can also be topped-up by collecting energy pellets dropped by them.

Compared to the excellent Commodore 64 version, Myth on the Spectrum is slightly different. It follows the same kind of plot, with the same kind of puzzles, but is slightly different in terms of presentation, environments and sequencing. It’s still an excellent game, though, with impressive boss battles and enjoyable gameplay. Still worth a play today.

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