Escape From Singe’s Castle, Commodore 64

In my review of Software ProjectsCommodore 64 interpretation of Dragon’s Lair I ended by saying that this game – Escape From Singe’s Castle – was a “much better” sequel to that game. Which is only partially true. It’s pretty much the same kind of thing as Dragon’s Lair, only with slightly better minigames and slightly better graphics. So “much better” is probably pushing it…

Maybe I’m being swayed by the Zzap!64 review of Singe’s Castle, which I remember well, which gave it a ‘Sizzler’ award? Or maybe I’m being won over by Singe’s Castle‘s better minigames? I dunno, although – in reality – Escape From Singe’s Castle is just as difficult and frustrating as Dragon’s Lair was.

In this game there are eight different stages and unlike previously I’m not going to detail them all. Let’s just say that they involve a lot of running and jumping and hectic action. Some even feature Dirk the Daring descending through the rapids in a barrel, or riding a magical horse, just like in the arcade game.

The main reason Software Projects made this 1987 sequel is because they couldn’t fit all the stages into the first game, so decided to make two games out of it.

Escape From Singe’s Castle is somewhat fun to play still – if you like challenging reaction games. Graphically, it’s better than the first game, and it also has decent music (created by Rob Hubbard no less). If you liked the Commodore 64 version of Dragon’s Lair (or even the arcade game) you’ll no doubt get some satisfaction out of it.

More: Escape From Singe’s Castle on Wikipedia

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