Ridge Racer, PlayStation

A launch title on the PlayStation and the first game I ever played on the system, Ridge Racer is a conversion of the classic arcade racing game from Namco.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Ridge Racer on the PlayStation is that there is a Galaxian game to play while the game is loading, which is neat in itself, and if you manage to shoot all the Galaxian before loading ends then you’ll unlock all 12 of the available cars – excluding the secret black “devil car” – when the game is finally loaded. Normally only four cars are selectable when you start the game.

Ridge Racer has four different tracks to race, two different race modes, and you go up against 11 other cars during races. The aim is obviously to win each race, and if you manage to come first on each of the four available tracks then you’ll unlock a further four tracks. These are basically mirrors of the first four courses. If you want to unlock the ‘devil’ car you’ve got to place first on the first four tracks, then beat the secret black car in Time Trial mode.

Ridge Racer was a revolutionary console release back in 1994 when it first came out (1995 in North America and Europe) and I remember the excitement we all felt playing it back then. It was one of the first console games that allowed you to put your own music CDs on while playing and I particularly remember Green Day‘s Dookie album working very well with it while we raced. The game has also stood the test of time quite well too and is still fun to play now. It was followed-up by Ridge Racer Revolution in 1995.

More: Ridge Racer on Wikipedia

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