Astronut, ZX Spectrum

Not to be confused with the animated TV series The Astronut Show, this is a 1984 release for the ZX Spectrum, written by Patrick Richmond and published by Software Projects.

Astronut is a platform puzzle game where the aim is to push three crates along a series of platforms, and onto some receiving pads at the bottom of the screen.

A number of hostiles patrol each screen and must be avoided at all costs.

The Astronut can walk off the edge of a platform and fall downwards, but can only revisit the upper platforms by standing on a geyser and being propelled back up, or by using a ladder if they are available. There are also moving platforms, making climbing more treacherous.

There are 15 different screens in total. Each screen has a time limit (shown as a bar at the top), and this equates to about 100 seconds of real time. Oh, and the screens wrap around, which is useful.

Astronut is another ‘hidden gem’ on the humble Speccy. A decent little game that has withstood the test of time.

More: Astronut on World of Spectrum

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