Shock Troopers, Neo Geo

Shock Troopers is a one or two-player, over-the-top arcade shooter developed by Saurus in 1997. It is a mixture of overhead and isometric style Run-and-Gun action – similar in some respects to Total Carnage and Caliber .50.

Imagine: 360 degree shooting; bullets everywhere; huge boss fights; weapons that you can power up…

Shock Troopers is very exciting to play initially, but can get a tiny bit boring doing the same thing the whole way through, which is: holding down the fire and weaving around constantly.

Shock Troopers does have a few twists, like the motorbike sections, and the different playable characters, but otherwise is quite a generic overhead shooter that only really seems to have one path.

Well maybe not entirely generic… It maybe does feel a bit ‘epic’ in places (I love seeing gigantic ‘sprites’ moving around the screen smoothly on a Neo Geo and this has lots of them) – but Shock Troopers is not what you call life-changing. Or even the best of its kind on the Neo Geo.

Shock Troopers is still pretty solid, though, and is fun to blast through. In two-player mode especially. And graphically it is pretty stunning. The sprite scaling is particularly impressive for the time.

More: Shock Troopers on Wikipedia

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