Rex, ZX Spectrum

Rex is a very enjoyable platform shooter, created by Neil Harris, John Anderson, and Richard Allen and published by Martech in 1988. Some describe it as a ‘Metroidvania‘ type game, although it reminds me more of another Spectrum classic – Starquake. Or maybe a Monty Mole game, crossed with Cybernoid.

Rex is a simple to control “Rhinosaurus” who can shoot a laser and block enemy bullets with a shield. He can also jump.

There are two stages – underground, and underwater, each with their own boss battles.

Rex isn’t what you’d called an extremely varied game, although it does feel good to play and is very challenging – always important for these tiny 48K video games – and the shooting and explosions are frantic and fun.

Worth a look if you like Spectrum shoot ’em ups.

More: Rex on Wikipedia

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