SunDog: Frozen Legacy, Atari ST

Sundog is a sci-fi strategy/RPG/adventure game designed by Software Heaven (aka FTL – the makers of Dungeon Master), and is generally held in high regard. It originally came out on the Apple II in 1984, then later converted to the Atari ST in 1985.

I have to admit, though, that Sundog is a touch too archaic for my tastes. At least in terms of wanting to put hours into a game. The Atari ST version certainly looks better than the Apple II version, though.

Setting up your spaceship is a laborious process at the beginning of the game. For my tastes: far too laborious… Even your average space geek might struggle with it, it’s such a ball-ache.

But only when your ship is properly prepared can you leave and start exploring other planets.

Space navigation is not particularly intuitive, but works. Kinda. Exploring cities in the overhead perspective is… weird. Probably because the scrolling’s so ‘chunky’. Trading is a bit clunky. Dealing with ship maintenance issues is… tiresome. Combat isn’t what you would call exciting.

Have I got anything good to say about Sundog? Well… yeah: it at least showed promise in a fledgling developer who was to later produce one of the best video games of all time (Dungeon Master, of course).

Some people love Sundog, but I can only take so much of it. Knock yourself out if you like hardcore sci-fi geek RPGs – it’s fairly unique and intriguing as those go.

More: Sundog: Frozen Legacy on Wikipedia

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