Sonic 3D Blast, Megadrive/Genesis

The last Sonic game released for the Megadrive/Genesis; co-developed by British firm Traveller’s Tales and Sega‘s Japanese talent, and sold on cartridge in 1996.

What I like about this game – other than the fact that it’s a Sonic game – is that it is also a tribute to another classic Sega game, called Flicky, which is about a bird, collecting smaller birds, while trying to avoid being eaten by predators. The same birds from Flicky appear in Sonic 3D Blast, and the same bird-collecting mechanic too. Anyone who loves Flicky will get a kick out playing this game.

Sonic 3D Blast is an isometric collecting game, in the style of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. The same graphical styles for the levels, characters, and situations have all been translated over to a third-person, overhead viewpoint.

What you basically must do is spin at and kill enemies, then collect the birds that are freed when you eliminate them. You must be careful, though, because mis-timing a jump at certain enemies will lose Sonic the rings he’s carrying and make him vulnerable (until he collects more rings). When you have some birds in tow you can rescue them by jumping onto a big, floating ring, hidden somewhere nearby. Rescue a certain number and a lift will take you to the next part of the level, continuing on until you reach the exit.

The most frustrating thing about Sonic 3D Blast are the controls, which are finicky and make controlling Sonic a little frustrating. The fast speed at which Sonic runs, and the lack of viewing area on-screen also make things tricky. At times I couldn’t help wondering if Sonic 3D Blast was an idea that doesn’t quite work, but overall the game is reasonably entertaining. The music on the first level drove me nuts quickly – never a good sign in a ‘jolly’ game such as this – but overall Sonic 3D Blast is well presented and somewhat fun. If a little flawed.

Note: scroll down for the level select cheat.

More: Sonic 3D Blast on Wikipedia
Steam: Sonic 3D Blast on Steam

Sonic 3D Blast Level Select (Megadrive/Genesis)
1. Go to the “Press Start” screen.
2. Quickly enter this code on controller one:
3. B, A, Right, A, C, Up, Down, A.
4. You should then be taken to the main screen.
5. Press the Start option and the level select screen should appear.

4 thoughts on “Sonic 3D Blast, Megadrive/Genesis”

  1. I’ve played this briefly a few times (I might even own the cartridge), but I’ve never kept it on long enough for it to feel more than a curiosity, although it was briefly entertaining.

    Have you seen SegaSonic the Hedgehog before? It was an isometric Sonic arcade game that I believe predates this. I’ve never played it but I have seen footage. I kind of feel something between the two might’ve worked.

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