H.E.R.O., ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum version of John Van Ryzin‘s classic rescue game, H.E.R.O., looks pretty basic when compared to other versions, but plays just as well as all the others.

This conversion – according to the loading screen – was handled by David Aubrey-Jones under the name Software Conversions Ltd., for Activision, who published it in 1984.

If memory serves me well (which it often doesn’t) I vaguely recall buying this on the Spectrum in 1984. I definitely remember playing it back then, and quite enjoying it. I’m pretty sure I’d played the Atari VCS original before this, though, so knew about the game and had some perspective on it.

If I was going to recommend one version of H.E.R.O. to play to somebody, I wouldn’t pick this one. Not that it’s a bad game – it isn’t; it’s fun for a while. I would probably direct them to either the Commodore 64 or ColecoVision versions instead.

More: H.E.R.O. on Wikipedia

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