Stop The Express, Commodore 64

Converted from the ZX Spectrum original by Hudson Soft and published on the C64 by Commodore itself, Stop The Express is both an excellent conversion, and a great little game in its own right.

Gameplay and graphics are pretty much identical to the original, which is sure to upset a few C64 purists (because they prefer to see hardware sprites used over character-based graphics such as these).

The aim of the game is simple: to run and jump your way over and through 20 train carriages to reach the engine and stop the express. Up against you are sinister saboteurs who throw knives at you, which you have to dodge. Every now and then a red bird like creature flies by, which you can jump to pick up, and drop behind you to take out the saboteurs. You can only carry one red bird at a time though.

As you jump from right to left, occasional overhead stantions whizz by. You’re given a warning before they do, because hitting one will knock you off the train and lose you a life.

At the halfway point the scene cuts to inside the carriages, but the aim is still the same: to keep moving left and to reach the final carriage. Inside the carriages you can jump up onto the handrail to avoid saboteurs, and you can drop down onto them to knock them over too.

Stopping the train puts you back at the beginning again, but at a higher difficulty level, with more saboteurs, knives and hazards. Stop The Express is a very simple game, but it’s still great fun to play now.

More: Stop The Express on Wikipedia

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