Comix Zone, Megadrive/Genesis

Developed by an American satellite studio of Sega and published for the Megadrive/Genesis in 1995, Comix Zone is a unique and interesting single-player beat ’em up in which battles are fought inside the pages of a comic.

In fact: the entire story takes place inside a comic – one that struggling New York artist ‘Sketch Turner‘ is dragged into after lighting strikes one of his own creations and causes the lead villain to come to life!

As Sketch moves from scene to scene his dialogue and thoughts are represented via speech bubbles. The panels scroll smoothly during transitions and the screen also shakes violently when fighting. Sometimes the white borders between panels even break (and Sketch makes a comment about it). The whole ‘comic book’ element has been incorporated in a very authentic and pleasing manner. Comic book fans will no doubt love it.

The fighting sections are pretty good. They’re not quite up to the level of Street Fighter II or Streets of Rage 3, but they’re decent enough nonetheless. The way the protagonist draws new opponents on screen for you is superb though; it’s very well done.

Comix Zone is a game that definitely has a cult following. It’s not the best beat ’em up ever made, although it is unique and still remains playable to this day. Pity there’s no two-player head-to-head (or cooperative) though.

More: Comix Zone on Wikipedia

One thought on “Comix Zone, Megadrive/Genesis”

  1. It’s a cracking concept, but I felt the novelty wore off after a level or two, and the difficulty ramped up to the point where I just felt I was swamped – admittedly I am no good at these games anyway, so maybe that’s just me. Gorgeous to look at, but I don’t stay very long with it.

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