Eggerland, Famicom Disk System

HAL Laboratory‘s Eggerland is a brilliant overhead puzzle game that is also known as The Adventures of Lolo on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

That said: the Japanese and English language versions are actually quite different games. This Japanese version is considerably harder then the English version. The basic premise is the same though: pick up all the hearts, then get the key to open the exits. Avoid the various monsters and traps.

Eggerland is absolutely fiendish in its design. It’s one of those games where – if you make a wrong move – you have to quit and start again. Push a box a pixel too far and you can’t complete a level. Forget to pick up a heart at a crucial moment and you’ll have to restart. It’s brutal in terms of difficulty…

There’s no doubting that Eggerland is a great game though. It’s cute, clever and very challenging. Well worth a play today.

More: Eggerland on Wikipedia

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