Robin Hood: Legend Quest, Amiga

I’ve no idea why Codemasters changed the title, but this is Super Robin Hood on the Amiga – the classic 8-bit game by the Oliver Twins – except under a different name.

Robin Hood: Legend Quest is a reworking of the original platforms and ladders game of 1985, but with different level designs and swankier graphics. And it works wonderfully well. The way Robin runs, ducks and jumps is different to the 8-bit versions, but better. Robin fires his bow better, and can walk through – as well as jump onto – barrels that lie throughout the levels.

Like the Commodore 64 and NES versions, the Amiga version scrolls the screen as you progress and keeps Robin the centre. In the Spectrum and Amstrad versions the game is flick screen. Meaning: the screen doesn’t scroll as Robin moves.

Robin Hood: Legend Quest on the Amiga is arguably the best version of Super Robin Hood out there, although ultimately it is a very simple 8-bit game with 16-bit graphics. Nothing to get excited about, but a must-play game for Super Robin Hood fans. 🙂

Super Robin Hood on The King of Grabs:
Amstrad CPC version (1985)
ZX Spectrum Version (1985)
Commodore 64 version (1987)
NES version (1991)
Amiga version (1992)

More: Super Robin Hood on Wikipedia

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