Super Robin Hood, NES

This excellent Nintendo Entertainment System version of CodemastersSuper Robin Hood was developed in the late Eighties, before the 16-bit versions (which are somewhat different to the classic 8-bit originals).

The level designs are different in this version, whereas the 8-bit versions all follow the same layout. The NES game and the later 16-bit versions share these updated level designs – better level designs, the truth be told.

The animated sprites are lively and the colour schemes are good, considering the NES‘s limitations. The game has a jolly-but-attractive disposition about it.

And the ‘feel’ of Robin’s running, ducking and jumping is good too. Which is what Super Robin Hood is all about.

I’m not sure if this version of Super Robin Hood ever received a solo cartridge release or not (probably not), although it did appear on Camerica‘s ‘four-games-in-one’ cart “Quattro Adventure“, released in 1991.

Super Robin Hood on The King of Grabs:
Amstrad CPC version (1985)
ZX Spectrum Version (1985)
Commodore 64 version (1987)
NES version (1991)
Amiga version (1992)

More: Super Robin Hood on Wikipedia

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