Kikstart 2, Commodore 64

Shaun Southern‘s Kikstart 2 is a brilliant and challenging split-screen, side-scrolling motorcycle trials game for the Commodore 64 that was first released in 1987.

The first Kikstart (also created by Shaun Southern) was a bit flawed. It was too difficult and finnicky, and too frustrating. So Southern set to work improving it, and Kikstart 2 was the result.

And – although Kikstart 2 is just as difficult as its predecessor – it is not weighed down too much by a lack of variety. In fact: there’s even a course designer built in to this, so you can make your own courses if you get bored.

Watching two experienced players race each other in Kikstart 2 is a joy to behold! It is still a fantastic two-player game, if a bit tricky.

More: Kikstart 2 on Wikipedia

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