Alone In The Dark, PC

InfogramesAlone In The Dark is one of the earliest survival horror games to use 3D graphics (mixed with 2D graphics), and it really broke new ground when it was first released back in 1992.

The 3D graphics are very basic (compared to what we’re used to now), but they did the job (still do), and Alone In The Dark is a very atmospheric game with tense, cinematic scenes and viewing angles – in a way: a prototype for Capcom‘s Resident Evil games (the first of which came out in 1996).

And Alone In The Dark is quite difficult (unless you’ve got a walkthrough to hand, in which case it is very easy), because a lot of the puzzles and situations come from the days of old school gaming and “instant death without explanation”. You die quite often, and slowly learn “what NOT to do” as you play. Thankfully, the game has a decent save option, otherwise it would drive you nuts.

As an early survival horror game, Alone In The Dark is worth a look, and the AITD trilogy is a still available to buy via Steam and In fact: the Alone In The Dark games get better as the trilogy moves on, while still retaining their core qualities. So are well worth a purchase.

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Steam: Alone in the Dark on Steam Alone in the Dark on

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