Uridium Plus, Commodore 64

There isn’t a great deal of information around about Uridium Plus. Like: whether this version has any technical enhancements (like Heavy Metal Paradroid does), or not. I have vague recollections that this version was somehow technically better, although I could be wrong. It’d be nice to know…

Maybe I should ask the game’s creator? Andrew Braybrook is on Twitter.

UPDATE: I did ask Andrew and he said this:

Tweet from Andrew Braybrook
Tweet from Andrew Braybrook explaining what was different about Uridium Plus – compared to the original.

The Power of Twitter. Haha. 🙂

Uridium Plus does have a new arrangement of levels, each one named after a metal element, and coloured differently (which I always thought was a stroke of genius), but – in general – the gameplay is still a perfect mirror of the brilliant original.

See also: the original Uridium on The King of Grabs

More: Uridium on Wikipedia

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