Legend of Grimrock PC

Legend of Grimrock, PC

This incredible “indie” dungeon crawler absolutely drips atmosphere and is bloody terrifying in places! It’s a heck of a challenge too…

Legend of Grimrock plays very much in the mould of Dungeon Master, and other first-person, tile-based RPGs, but it does it so much better than almost all of the others.

It’s like the game’s developer – Almost Human – looked at every other Role-Playing Game that ever came before Legend of Grimrock and “consolidated” all the best ideas of the genre into their game. Leaving out all the bad bits. You can even use your own image files for your characters, which is a feature I loved, and hadn’t seen in a game of this type before.

At times the going is very difficult – the pace is extremely fast (compared to, say, Dungeon Master), and the monsters are ravenously enthusiastic for your blood. You have to think and act quickly to survive. You have to listen carefully too, as you can often hear death coming long before you can see it. As is the norm now with these types of games: all the monsters have unique sound effects so they can terrorise you from afar – before killing you dead.

And there’s a sequel too. Which is just as good – if not better – than this first game.

Legend of Grimrock is top quality gaming and Almost Human can take great credit for their endeavours. It will go down as a classic I think!

More: Legend of Grimrock on Wikipedia
Steam: Legend of Grimrock on Steam
gog.com: Legend of Grimrock on GOG.com
Website: http://www.grimrock.net/

6 thoughts on “Legend of Grimrock, PC”

      1. The main game wasn’t too bad, once I figured out the start I was alright. The extra areas, bonuses, etc. were maddening though. Some of the additional puzzles were crazy, and I skipped a fair few of them.

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