Toki, Atari ST

The Atari ST version of the 1989 arcade platform game, Toki, was developed and published by Ocean Software in 1991. And it is a decent adaptation of the arcade game, but with a reduced colour palette and screen size.

The reduced screen size is almost certainly to keep the scrolling performance fast and acceptable, and the reduced colour palette is because the ST can’t render more than sixteen colours on-screen at the same time. Which has always been one of the machine’s weaknesses.

Toki on the Atari ST is difficult – like its arcade parent (which is notoriously tough) – but is still playable, and you are at least given some continues, so you can continue playing after you’ve lost the six lives you begin with.

Jumping is achieved by pushing up on the joystick (or keyboard), and to fire upwards you must first hold down fire, before pushing up. No end of lives have been lost in this version of Toki by pushing up accidentally, before pressing fire. So be warned if you intend to play it.

More: Toki on Wikipedia

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