Neutopia II, PC Engine

Developed by Hudson Soft and released for the PC Engine in Japan in 1991, and for the TurboGrafx-16 in North America in 1992, Neutopia II is the sequel to the first Neutopia and is another reasonably high quality, but easy-to-play, Zelda clone.

In Neutopia II you play as the son of Jazeta (the protagonist from the first game), and must rescue your father and defeat the evil demon Dirth, who returns to again torment you. In this sequel you can actually give your character a name and that is who other characters refer to you as.

Neutopia II doesn’t differ greatly from the first game, which is somewhat strange as the development team were mostly different for this sequel, but obviously Hudson Soft wanted more of the same and that’s what we got.

A third Neutopia game is teased during the final credits sequence in Neutopia II, but never materialised.

More: Neutopia II on Wikipedia

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