Violent Storm, Arcade

Released into arcades in 1993 by Konami, Violent Storm is a three-player scrolling beat ’em up in the mould of Capcom‘s 1989 hit, Final Fight.

You can play as one of three different characters – Wade, Boris or Kyle – and must take on the evil Geld Gang, who have kidnapped Sheena in a lawless, post-apocalyptic world.

Graphically, Violent Storm is very good with huge fighters and well-drawn backgrounds. Gameplay is varied too, with plenty of different moves to pull off to deal with attackers. Usable weapons and destructible objects (like barrels or parts of the scenery) also add variety to the action, which is relentless.

Violent Storm isn’t very original, but it is a lot of fun to play – either single-player, or simultaneously with friends. It’s also quite easy too – as arcade fighting games go – and you can pump money in to keep going, should you so wish. It’s a fairly obscure game that is definitely worth adding to your collection, if you don’t have it.

More: Violent Storm on Wikipedia

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