Dark Chambers, Atari 7800

Dark Chambers is a one or two-player maze/action game that was directly influenced by Dandy, in that it was originally written by John Howard Palevich – the creator Dandy – to further expand (or in this case: simplify) the concept of a multiplayer fantasy action game.

Dark Chambers was first released for the Atari 8-bit family of home computers and this Atari 7800 console version came shortly afterwards, and it could be argued that this is a slight improvement over the home computer version since the colours are more varied and bolder. The gameplay is essentially the same, though. Explore the maze (either on your own or with a friend), shoot the monsters and collect the gold, and rack up as many points as possible.

The uninitiated might refer to Dark Chambers as a “Gauntlet clone“, but those ‘in-the-know’ know that Gauntlet was directly influenced by Dandy, which came first.

Whatever. Dark Chambers is a fun maze/action game and a decent game to play on the Atari 7800, even today.

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