Road Rash, Game Gear

A handheld conversion of the classic Megadrive motorbike racing game that works very well on the Game Gear. Game Gear Road Rash was programmed by Gary Priest for Probe Software and published by US Gold in 1993.

Road Rash is a unique experience because it allows you to hit the other riders who you are competing with, which adds an extra element of danger to the races. Not only that, but you can pick up weapons and use them on your rivals too. Other riders will fight back in a similar fashion, so caution is advised if any get close to you and you are unarmed. You can – if you’re good enough – grab weapons away from other riders and batter them back.

Other hazards include regular road traffic (which moves in both directions), junctions where traffic can cut across you, and police who will arrest you if you crash in their vicinity (therefore ending your race).

If you collide with another vehicle, or lose control of your bike you will crash and lose valuable time. The rider will then run back to his bike to try to continue the race, but the bike can only take so much punishment before it explodes.

By winning races you can earn cash and get promoted to higher divisions. The cash can be used for buying better bikes, which are needed to compete with the better opponents.

Although it’s not as fast as the Megadrive original Road Rash is still a lot of fun to play on the Game Gear. There is a two-player mode, but it’s not simultaneous. There’s also a password system for carrying on your game.

More: Road Rash on Wikipedia

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