APB, Atari Lynx

This 1991 handheld conversion of Atari‘s classic APB (All Points Bulletin) arcade game is actually rather good. It might have titchy graphics, and also lack the useful vertical screen orientation of the original, but the developers (Quicksilver Games, Inc.) did a fine job of translating the fun scrolling gameplay to the small Lynx screen.

Same as the arcade game: you’re Officer Bob and must apprehend a certain number of speeders and litterbugs per day by driving along a scrolling highway and sounding your siren at them. Crashing, wrongly stopping innocents, or missing your quota and you will get a demerit; get too many demerits and you get fired.

You begin by having to complete a competency course, before you’re allowed out onto the highway. Once you’re there it’s time to meet that quota. Each day has a time limit, but you can extend that by collecting donuts. There are occasionally also hardened criminals to catch too and these usually need running off the road. If you can get a criminal to stop and then confess, your day will automatically complete.

Car upgrades can be bought by using your reward money, which you do by stopping at a garage on the side of the road.

More: APB on Wikipedia

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