The Untouchables, Commodore 64

The Untouchables is a classic movie-licensed action game developed and published by Ocean Software in 1989. It mixes a number of different gameplay styles.

Just like in the film of the same name, you play Elliot Ness and his colleagues, trying to smash the operations of the infamous gangster Al Capone.

You start in a warehouse, with a platform shooter, and must track down Capone’s henchmen and collect evidence against him. Of course they’re not going to give it up willingly, so you have to blast them a number of times before they drop it.

The second stage, The Bridge, is a shooting gallery type game where you have to roll around on the ground to avoid bullets and shoot gangsters who are guarding some trucks.

Stage three, The Alleys, is another shooting gallery game although in this one you are armed with a shotgun and can duck behind a corner to reload (the reload animation shows a pump action shotgun, but the top graphic shows a double-barrelled shotgun… I guess realism doesn’t matter in this game…)

Stage four, The Railway Station, is a ridiculous (but fun) adaptation of the scene in the film with the baby cart. You know: the one that rolls down the stairs in slow motion for what seems like forever… In this section you have to protect the baby cart from harm as it moves down the stairs. Blast gangsters in the way and push the cart to safety if it’s heading towards peril.

Stage five is a bitch. In it you must rescue the accountant, who is being held at gunpoint by one of Capone’s henchmen. You have mere seconds to find a weak spot with your pistol and it is almost impossible unless you know exactly what to do.

The sixth and final stage is a boss battle shooting gallery style level on top of a building roof. Armed with only a six-shooter you have to duck behind walls to avoid incoming fire and choose your aim carefully when shooting back. When you’ve emptied your gun you must duck back behind cover to reload it.

The Untouchables was a big critical success at the time of release (being awarded a Gold Medal in Zzap!64 magazine), although I’ve always thought (and still do think) that this game is over-rated… It has some nice sections, and decent graphics and sound, but is very frustrating to play overall.

More: The Untouchables on Wikipedia

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