Starion, ZX Spectrum

Starion is a classic space combat game, written by David Webb and published by Melbourne House in 1985.

What makes Starion interesting is that you have to solve simple anagrams (jumbled word puzzles) by collecting letters from destroyed enemy ships. You basically blast opponents, scoop up the letters they drop (by simply flying into them), and then solve the anagram to complete the level.

There’s a backstory about time travel, but – to be honest – the time travel element has no real effect on the game so is kinda irrelevant. All it does is help differentiate the 81 (9×9) sectors that are playable, and labelled as “Time Zones”.

This is an early, simple cockpit shooter with a moving starfield, wireframe graphics, and the aforementioned anagram game, and that’s about it. Oh, and there are fuel restrictions that act as a time limit.

Starion on the Spectrum is fast enough to be playable and is reasonably compelling. If you like space combat games and word puzzles, you’ll probably enjoy it.

More: Starion on World of Spectrum

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