Potty Pigeon, Commodore 64

Percy the Potty Pigeon (to give the game its full title) was coded by Tony Crowther and published by Gremlin Graphics for the C64 in 1984. It was a minor hit at the time.

The game is basically a ‘fetch’ game, where you (Percy the pigeon) must collect twigs for your nest from various places on the ground. As you might expect: these twigs are located in very dangerous places – in particular: in the middle of a busy road, with cars zooming by at high speed. Get hit by a car and you lose one pigeon, and you only get three measly pigeons to play with!

When you grab a twig you then have to return to the nest to add it, and there are rival birds who will force you to drop any twigs you’re carrying if they touch you in mid air. You have a limited amount of time to collect ten twigs per level.

Potty Pigeon is a fun game for a while, but it is a pity that Crowther didn’t add more variety to the colour palette or levels. Other than the addition of new enemies, each level is pretty much the same.

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