Maziacs, MSX

This MSX conversion of Don Priestley‘s classic Spectrum game, Maziacs, was released by DK’Tronics in 1985. It captures the essence of the original perfectly.

The aim of the game is: to locate the hidden treasure, while at the same time avoiding being killed by the titular Maziacs – weird, two-legged monsters that patrol the maze.

When you begin you have no weapon, so finding one is a priority. If you encounter a Maziac with no weapon in your hand, your chances of beating it are relatively low. Bump into one with a sword in your hand and the probability goes up.

Your character’s energy is represented by a vertical bar on the right of the screen. Food can be found to keep this topped-up. You’ll also find chained prisoners who you can interact with and they will tell you the route to the treasure for a limited amount of time (shown as a yellow path on the maze).

Mazaics has four difficulty levels and each maze is randomly-generated based on a set of rules, so the game does have some longevity. And appeal. Maziacs remains an appealing and playable game to this day.

More: Maziacs on Wikipedia

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