Tower of Doom, Intellivision

Tower of Doom is a Roguelike RPG with mazes that must be explored and monsters that must be defeated in order to escape the dungeon.

There are seven different quests, of increasing difficulty, and the player can choose to play as any one of ten different classes (Novice, Warrior, Archer, Knight, Trader, Barbarian, Waif, Friar, Warlock, and Warlord). The ultimate aim is to reach the stairs on each level, and to keep going down until you reach the exit.

Tower of Doom is an excellent game, although a couple of things let it down slightly. Firstly, the screen ‘real estate’ isn’t great. The sandy-coloured border is way too bright and ugly, and way too big – the game would’ve looked better (and been easier on the eyes) with a smaller, black (or darker) border. Secondly, the inventory is a bit clunky. Dropping items to make room for others is a bit hit and miss because you can only drop items when you have room around you, and often it won’t let you. Other than that: Tower of Doom is an extremely enjoyable game and is still fun to play now.

Note: Tower of Doom was reportedly in development (as another licensed AD&D title, to follow Treasure of Tarmin) at Mattel Electronics before INTV Corporation took over the Intellivision. The game was unfinished at the time of the take-over (1984), but was later completed and released onto the market in 1987 (minus the AD&D license).

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