Stadium Mud Buggies, Intellivision

Stadium Mud Buggies is a fun isometric racing game for one or two players. It was released on Intellivision cartridge by INTV Corporation in 1988.

In many way Stadium Mud Buggies reminds me of the classic Racing Destruction Set, or Rare‘s R.C. Pro Am, but it stands on its own two wheels as arguably the best racing game on the Intellivision.

In the single-player game the screen scrolls smoothly with the car in the centre. In two-player, both cars remain on-screen and the losing car plays catch-up, which isn’t ideal, but it is what it is – a simple racing game.

Graphically, Stadium Mud Buggies is quite lovely. Sound-wise it’s not too bad either, with pleasing engine noises and spot effects. There are nine different courses in total, so plenty of room to burn some rubber in this fun buggy sim.

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