Indianapolis 500: The Simulation, PC

Known affectionately as ‘Indy 500‘, this high octane race game broke new ground when it was first released in 1989.

It was one of the first racing games to become a full-on racing simulation, and actually feel as though you could get somewhere with it. Indy 500 wasn’t as impenetrable as something like Revs. It was (and still is) extremely playable…

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation also contains an innovative and easy-to-use replay feature, which allows you to re-run races from a variety of angles, and also pause and rewind the action as desired.

It may be quite simplistic by today’s standards, but Indy 500 can still give a brilliant race now. The speed and exhilaration as you play are outstanding.

More: Indianapolis 500: The Simulation on Wikipedia

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