Aleste, MSX

I’m not a hundred percent sure if the MSX2 version of Aleste was released before the Sega Master System version or not. There are conflicting reports.

What is almost certainly true, though, is that they were both developed side-by-side in 1987 and released in Japan in 1988.

The MSX version is superior to the Master System version in terms of graphics. The backgrounds and sprites are quite phenomenal for an 8-bit game – developer Compile certainly did a great job with the visuals.

The gameplay too is exceptional. Aleste is difficult, but fair, and for a ‘bullet hell’ shooter was ahead of its time in terms of wave patterns and variety. At least for home computers.

Still well worth a play now, as are its many sequels.

See: Aleste  2, Super Aleste, etc.

More: Aleste on Wikipedia

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