GG Aleste, Game Gear

The Aleste series of shooters is well known on the MSX, Sega Master System and Super Nintendo, and on the Game Gear this spin-off is known as “GG Aleste” (or Power Strike in some territories). It was developed by Compile and published by Sega in 1991.

In GG Aleste you play as Ellinor Waisen, the daughter of the original Aleste pilot Ray Waisen, and you fly out in your Aleste craft to destroy an invading alien force over a series of eight vertically-scrolling stages.

The game has ‘normal’ and ‘special’ modes and these are basically two types of difficulties – special mode being the more difficult of the two.

Your ship has primary and secondary weapons which seem to fire using the same button. Your primary weapon can be upgraded by collecting ‘P’ capsules, which occasionally appear after shooting a specific kind of alien pod. Your secondary weapon can be changed by collecting glowing capsules with letters on them (the letters indicating the type of weapon they change to). Some secondary weapons have a spread effect; some shoot a long laser; some drop bombs, and some are next to useless. Thankfully these lettered power-ups appear frequently so it’s easy enough to get rid of a weapon you don’t like.

Each stage has a variety of sub-bosses, plus a main boss battle at the end. There are also bonus stages in-between levels where you can earn extra lives.

GG Aleste is an excellent bullet hell shooter that does the Game Gear proud. A sequel to this game was released in 1993, called Power Strike II in Western regions.

More: Aleste on Wikipedia

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