Zombie Zombie, ZX Spectrum

Zombie Zombie is the spiritual successor to Ant Attack, in that: it was created by Sandy White, the guy who made Ant Attack, and it also uses the same kind of isometric graphics style and the same boy/girl sprites.

The game is a noble attempt to create a zombie apocalypse on an 8-bit home computer, except with titchy graphics, colour clash and not many zombies.

You fly into a city in a helicopter, looking for green blobs (zombies) to… well I’m not quite sure what you do to them. You don’t really shoot them, although you can shoot like a puff of smoke from yourself when you press fire while moving, although it doesn’t feel like you’re shooting. On the odd occasion you can seemingly hypnotise a zombie and get it to follow you, and make it fall from height to properly kill it… What the hell is going on in this game? I dunno. The instructions are not much help either.

Although flying around the city in the chopper is fun for a while, Zombie Zombie is a disappointment overall. You end up wondering what it could have been.

More: Zombie Zombie on Wikipedia

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