Pastfinder, Atari 8-bit

David Lubar‘s 1984 classic, Pastfinder, originated on Atari 8-bit home computers.

It’s a strange, vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up with strategic overtones.

You control an unusual ship that can crawl along the ground, jump, and of course shoot bullets up the screen. The aim is to blast the enemy and retrieve the alien artefacts, all the while trying to keep radiation levels down on your ship.

In between levels you can choose which direction to explore next, and also buy supplies to increase your defences.

Pastfinder is an imaginative game that has stood the test of time well. If you can be bothered to learn how to play it properly you will probably get some serious enjoyment out of it.

Commodore 64 version of Pastfinder on The King of Grabs

More: Pastfinder on Atari Mania

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