Bobby Bearing, ZX Spectrum

Bobby Bearing is an interesting isometric action game on the ZX Spectrum, published by The Edge in 1986.

You play as Bobby – a ball bearing – and must roll around the large, colourful maze, looking for and rescuing his four lost brothers and one cousin.

Finding a lost relative is one thing, but pushing them all the way back to the starting ‘cave’ is another thing entirely. But that’s what you’ve got to do.

You’re up against a timer; a tortuous environment (falling off the edge loses you time); crushers which will squash you (losing you time), and evil dark bearings who will do everything they can to hinder you. Run out of time and it’s game over.

Bobby Bearing was a surprise hit at the time and still plays rather well today. It was converted to a number of other formats too.

More: Bobby Bearing on Wikipedia

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