Jinxter, Atari ST

What can I say about Jinxster? It’s surreal. It’s short. It’s funny, at times. At other times it’s infuriatingly obscure. Which you come to expect from a Magnetic Scrolls text adventure, I guess…

I’m not even entirely sure what the game’s about, or who the main character you play is. And I say this having just played through Jinxter in its entirety…

How anyone could complete a game like Jinxter without either reading a walkthrough, or without spending an entire year playing it, I don’t know.

Jinxter does have some lovely graphics and a great parser, though, and – as I said before – a few laughs. The rising water made me chuckle. A clever game, but maybe a bit too ‘clever’ for its own good.

More: Jinxter on Wikipedia

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