Corruption, Atari ST

Corruption is a modern-day adventure thriller where you play a partner in a company that is embroiled in a series of crimes. You don’t know about them and are innocent, and must investigate your suspicions (and colleagues) carefully. And do it to a strict timetable, because Corruption must be played-out over the space of one full day.

The deeper you dig, the more dangerous your situation becomes.

In Corruption you have to rely far more on wandering characters for items or tasks, which makes things more complicated than usual in a Magnetic Scrolls adventure. If you’re looking for Margaret and she isn’t in her office you can wait for her, or go looking for her. The game will say when someone walks into a room with you.

Keeping track of everything that is going on is not easy, although all the clues you need to uncover the conspiracy are there for you from the start. It’s just up to you to find them, and not get killed in the process. Ironically the most difficult place to do that in this game is at the hospital. One sequence in particular – escaping the hospital alive – is almost impossible.

Corruption is undoubtedly a work of writing and design brilliance, although it is a little too difficult to appeal to anyone outside of a hardcore adventurer, which is a pity. If only Magnetic Scrolls had made their games easier! I’m joking, of course. 🙂

More: Corruption on Wikipedia

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