The Guild of Thieves, Atari ST

The second Magnetic Scrolls game – first released in 1987 – is called The Guild of Thieves, and is another text-based fantasy adventure, set in the same place as The Pawn (Kerovnia).

In it you play an amateur thief trying to work his way into The Guild of Thieves. Traversing surreal landscapes and weird situations, and looking for stuff to steal.

The same slick, pull-down-graphics interface from The Pawn has also been used in this game. As has the brilliant text parser, which is – I think – slightly more refined in this release.

What does save time (and headaches) is the ability to type “go to [a certain location]” and the game will take you there – if you’ve been to the location before. The Guild of Thieves does feature a lot of to-ing and fro-ing when visiting the bank to drop off loot, so this feature helps a lot.

The Guild of Thieves is another top quality adventure from Magnetic Scrolls and Rainbird, Again: it’s a very difficult game to beat, but quite easy to play. You’ve just got to know what to type! 🙂

More: The Guild of Thieves on Wikipedia

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