Wheelie, ZX Spectrum

Who programmed Wheelie? That’s a question I’d like an answer to.

Having played and enjoyed this side-scrolling motorbike game back in 1983, when it was originally released by publisher Microsphere, and having played it again recently, I would like to at least mention the person who made it.

Balls to publishers – they were the “bad actors” of the software scene in the 80s and 90s – in my mind it is the programmers and actual game designers who deserve the credit for classic retro games such as this.

And – having searched the internet for an answer – and found only countless warbling commentators recycling the same old (lack of) information, I’d like to address this. Does it say on the original packaging who programmed Wheelie? Does anyone know the person responsible personally? If anyone knows: please drop me a message.

Wheelie is a ZX Spectrum classic – fondly remembered by me and all the people who played it back in the Thatcher years. And it is still worth a play nowadays. Sadly the game doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia page. Definitely an oversight as it deserves one.

More: Wheelie on World of Spectrum

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