Head Over Heels, Commodore 64

Although the Commodore 64 was not thought to be particularly well-suited to these types of isometric platform games, Head Over Heels bucks the trend by being arguably just as good – if not better – than the Spectrum original.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of programmer Colin Porch.

The C64 conversion is fast enough to be playable, and the graphics are crisp and detailed – identical to the Spectrum version to be honest.

Very few isometric adventures ever worked on the 64, and Head Over Heels – I remember – won a deserved Gold Medal award in Zzap!64 magazine. High praise indeed. And totally worthy. Easily the best example of its kind on the ’64.

More: Head Over Heels on Wikipedia

Head Over Heels on the King of Grabs:
ZX Spectrum versionCommodore 64 versionAmstrad CPC versionMSX version, Atari 800 version, Atari ST versionAmiga versionPC version, Head Over Heels Week


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