Head Over Heels, Amstrad CPC

The best-looking of all the 8-bit versions of Head Over Heels, in my humble opinion.

Amstrad Head Over Heels is perfectly suited to the CPC‘s high res graphics mode and looks lovely with those (few) extra colours. Four colours. I think it’s four colours they used to make those marvellous graphics. Amazing, isn’t it?

Whoever made the Amstrad graphics for this game definitely deserves a pat on the back. You made gaming history, mate. Well done.

The Amstrad version – like all the versions to be honest – plays pretty much perfectly – identically to the original. A little bit of slowdown when there are things going on on screen, but not so much that it gets in the way of enjoyment.

Again: I’m not sure who the person was who converted it. Possibly original ZX Spectrum author Jon Ritman himself. It’d be nice to know, to give the person the credit they deserve.

More: Head Over Heels on Wikipedia

Head Over Heels on the King of Grabs:
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