Far Cry, PC

Far Cry is one of the greatest first-person shooters ever made. Sure: it looks a little simplistic now, but at the time of release (2004) it was a revelation.

What was so good about it was: the jungle environment (it felt so alive); the AI of the single-player opponents (even on the easier skill levels they were a challenge to beat); the vehicles (boats and jeeps are so much fun), and the weapons and combat options. Not only that, but the melding of modern combat with sci-fi and horror elements in the story made the game stand out from the rest. And indeed: the game spawned a number of successful sequels, and also made a name for developer Crytek too.

The screenshots at the very bottom of this page I took during my very first playthrough, way back in 2004. At the time I was living in the United States and bought the game to play while I was there. It came on four (or maybe five) CD-ROMs. Pretty sure I played it all the way to the end as well. And, typing this, I feel like I want to go back to it. Is it on Steam? Yes it is. Mmmm…

Update: I did go back to it, and – wow – Far Cry is still incredible! Here’s a new set of screenshots to remind us of that fact…

See also: Far Cry 2.

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Steam: Far Cry on Steam
GOG: Far Cry on GOG.com

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