Clockwork Knight 2, Sega Saturn

Developed and published by Sega in 1995, Clockwork Knight 2 (aka Pepperouchau’s Adventure) is the sequel to Clockwork Knight, which was released the previous year. It’s a Saturn exclusive platform game with gameplay similar to its predecessor, but with a number of changes and additions.

The game starts off with a boss fight (an easy boss fight, but a boss fight nonetheless), and in each standard level there are four hidden playing cards to find and to ‘spin around’ by running past them. Occasionally there’ll be a forced scrolling level where Pepperouchau rides on the back of his horse, Barobaro, and can attack enemies by firing Barabaro’s head at them.

Like in the first game, Pepperouchau holds a wind-up clockwork key that he can use as a weapon, and can also use it to activate clockwork keyholes that he finds in the environment. These keyholes can change the layout of platforms, allowing him to reach places he otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to.

A key part of this sequel is that Pepperouchau can pick up and throw things – like stunned hostiles, toys or other items – which both acts as a weapon against other enemies or can even be used to hit certain things in the landscape that might activate or break something important. Pepperouchau can also pick up and throw special eggs that will usually dispense an item when broken (often a clockwork key that will replenish his hit points).

The gameplay in Clockwork Knight 2 is a bit more involving than the first game, but is still relatively simple to play. You’re encouraged to explore to find the hidden playing cards and also pick up clocks to extend your time, and there are also a number of hidden minigames to unlock too, but you do have to keep an eye on the level timer.

At the end of each regular stage is an opportunity to receive an extra life, by jumping on the correct letter to complete the phrase “Clockwork”. You can also earn extra lives in a roulette minigame where you can ‘double-or-nothing’ your winnings.

Overall, Clockwork Knight 2 is an enjoyable and well-made sequel with jolly music, colourful graphics, and the occasional song and dance routine (usually shown as a video cut scene). The game is of course aimed at kids, but does have an added layer of challenge for more experienced gamers. It’s certainly no Super Mario World, though, but does have its admirers.

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