City Bomb, ZX Spectrum

City Bomb is a conversion of the super-simple Llamasoft VIC-20 bomber game, Blitzkrieg, to the ZX Spectrum. It was first released in 1982.

There’s not a great deal to say about City Bomb, other than it isn’t as unforgiving as the original VIC-20 version. The rate of bombs dropping may be a tad slower than the original, which can make it more difficult. There are five skill levels and five entry waves, but the gameplay is the same every time, with just tweaks to building height and aircraft speed.

City Bomb is a forgettable early Spectrum and Llamasoft game with limited playability. I’ve seen better games of this type on the Spectrum, and on other 8-bit systems. Hell, I’ve seen better minigames in other 8-bit games than this…

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