Blitzkrieg, VIC-20

Blitzkrieg is a city-bombing game by Jeff Minter, first released for the Commodore VIC-20 in 1982 through Llamasoft. It is notable for two reasons…

Firstly: the game was originally released as “Bomb Buenos Aires“, which was a reference to the emotive Falkland Islands conflict, between Britain and Argentina, which took place between 2nd April and 14th June in 1982. It was quickly re-titled to “Aggressor“, then “Bomber“, then “Blitzkrieg“.

The second interesting thing to note about it is the fact that Minter spelled the word “Blitzkrieg” wrong in the game, calling it “Blitzkreig” on the title screen and everywhere else. Which is a bit of a faux pas.

Otherwise this is an unremarkable early Llamasoft game based on a dead-end concept, stolen from an old arcade game, that was being flogged like a proverbial dead horse back in 1982.

Llamasoft also released a version of this game for the ZX Spectrum, called City Bomb.

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