Run Saber, Super Nintendo

Run Saber is a side-scrolling action game developed by Hori Electric and published by Atlus in 1993 for the Super Nintendo. It is something of a clone of Capcom‘s classic arcade game, Strider.

Although Run Saber was developed in Japan it was only released in North America and Europe. A later Japanese release was cancelled.

The game can be played single-player, or simultaneous two-player, and features two playable characters – Allen and Sheena – who are “Run Sabers“; genetically-enhanced warriors who specialise in sword style combat.

Run Saber features five different multi-part levels and the aim is to make your way, by jumping and climbing, through a variety of fantastical environments, fighting enemies and beating sub-bosses and end bosses who appear whenever “alert” flashes at the top of the screen.

You can collect power-ups to enhance your primary weapon and also have a special ability that is limited in use but can obliterate all enemies on screen at the same time. Both characters can also jump kick in mid-air and attack from above by jumping downward.

Although Run Saber is a derivative game it does feature some imaginative sections, like the boss fight at the end of stage one which takes place on a fighter jet in the air. The controls are simple and the two Run Sabers feel agile and capable of a satisfying amount of destruction.

Graphically, the game is reasonably impressive, and the gameplay is solid enough. While Run Saber is not particularly well-known it could be considered a bit of a hidden gem on the Super Nintendo as it does have nice presentation, solid gameplay and two-player cooperative play. It didn’t appear on any other console or system either, so is exclusive to the SNES.

More: Run Saber on Wikipedia

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