Impossible Mission, Atari 7800

Dennis Caswell‘s classic Impossible Mission was released for the Atari 7800 in 1988 and it is a decent adaptation of the Commodore 64 original.

It doesn’t have the famous digitised speech, or animation on the central character quite as good as in the original, but it does play well and is just as challenging as the original.

It doesn’t have some of the subtitles of the original, like being able to step over gaps in platforms if you’re stood in the right place, and the jump speed and length seem slightly different. If it has has one thing over the original Impossible Mission it’s that the colours are stronger.

That said, the original Atari 7800 version is known for having a bug that prevents you from completing the game, although there is a hacked rom, called “Possible Mission“, that fixes it. The original co-programmer of the Atari 7800 version, Arthur Krewat, maintains that the bug wasn’t his fault and discusses it here.

More: Impossible Mission on Wikipedia

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