Starquake, BBC Micro

Steve Crow‘s classic Spectrum game, Starquake, was converted to the BBC Micro by Kenton Price and published by Bubble Bus in 1987.

Graphically, the game is rather chunky because it uses a low-resolution screen mode (presumably so that more colours can be used on-screen at the same time), but the gameplay is mostly the same as the original.

You play as BLOB (Bio-Logically Operated Being) who must explore a vast series of caves looking for pieces of a reactor core, and to return them to the core itself. BLOB can fire a laser, drop temporary platforms beneath himself to gain height, and also pick up objects that he finds while exploring. One thing BLOB can’t do, though, is jump, so getting around is facilitated by riding on hovering platforms that are found docked in certain places in the caves. There are also teleporters located in certain places, and these use text-based passwords to transport you to specific locations.

While BLOB explores, alien hostiles spawn and begin chasing him. Colliding with them will deplete his life energy, so these must either be shot or avoided. BLOB’s life meter is shown at the top of the screen, alongside his laser ammunition, platform supplies, and remaining lives.

Starquake is a decent game on the BBC Micro – arguably one of the best Spectrum to BBC conversions out there – but the fast-paced and somewhat difficult gameplay may not be to all tastes. Completing the game is probably beyond all but the most persistent of gamers.

More: Starquake on Wikipedia

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