Kung-Fu Master, Game Boy

Irem themselves developed and published this 1990 handheld, monochrome remake of the classic Kung-Fu Master, and it is not too bad, all things considered.

Kung-Fu Master on the Game Boy is quite different to the arcade original, but is still a lot of fun to pick up and play if you like mindless beat ’em ups.

It definitely doesn’t have the same brutal feel of the original, though it does have the same punch/kick mechanics, and the ability to ‘shake off’ your enemies when they grab you.

There are four different stages and each follow a set formula: you run from left to right, fighting your way through waves of enemies, jumping on and over platforms, until you reach the boss at the end of the stage. Who you must beat to move onto the next stage.

The stages are short (maybe too short) and the boss battles are quite tough. Game Boy Kung-Fu Master definitely has some challenge to it, but nothing that would last more than a few hours.

More: Kung-Fu Master on Wikipedia

Kung-Fu Master Game Boy box

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